2024 Membership Application

We welcome new applications to our organization!
Your first step is to review the information on membership types, fees,
and classifications available on our About Membership & Fees page. 

**Please Note**
Former members and members who have changed jobs should always utilize the Renewal Form, NOT the new member forms below. 
2024 Renewal Form

New Member Applications

Once you have reviewed the information about membership types, please select the appropriate membership application form below:

Important notes regarding your membership application:

  • If financial constraint is a barrier to membership, please consider applying for a Membership Dues Waiver.

  • When completing your application, you will establish a username (typically your email address) and password. Be sure to save this information so that you can log in to the website once your membership application has been approved. 

  • Members of the International ACAC Membership Committee will review your application. Please allow two to four weeks from the time of submitting your application until it has been approved. In the event that additional information is required to process your application or member dues payment, additional time may be required. 

  • Secondary and Post-Secondary applicants will be prompted to process payment of dues immediately after submitting their application. Organizational applicants and Individual applicants will be invoiced for dues after their application is approved by the Membership Committee.

  • Dues may be paid via credit card, check, or wire transfer. Payment details are provided on the application forms. 

  • Once your membership application is approved and dues are paid, you will be notified via email and granted access to all member-only benefits.