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Miracles after May 1st: A Call to Action to Support 61 Displaced Nepali Students

On April 13, 2018, a U.S. university informed 61 students in Nepal that their full scholarships (including tuition, room and board, etc) had been revoked. In a statement last week, the university noted that due to extraordinary demand and budget constraints, that they were no longer able to fulfill the scholarship these students had been granted months earlier. Affected Nepali students, families, and schools were devastated. Many of the students had paid scholarship confirmation fees, I-20 fees, and housing deposits. Students had taken a gap year in order to apply to the U.S., had turned down other offers, or simply stopped applying to schools, as they already had a full ride. They now had nowhere to go.

This situation is unprecedented and the timing could not be more challenging, as May 1st marks the end of the admission cycle for most U.S. universities.  However, over the past two weeks, the International ACAC community has rallied around the Nepali students:

  • High school and independent counselors are mobilizing to provide pro-bono 1-on-1 support to the students
  • High school and independent counselors have identified universities around the world that would admit these students and which would be affordable to the students (for most, $6,000 USD is the maximum amount they can afford)
  • Higher education institutions have extended admission and scholarship opportunities to impacted Nepali students 
A few of these 61 Nepali students -- who had lost confidence in the college admission process over the past month -- now have new admission and scholarship offers that will allow them matriculate to universities around the world.  In short, the efforts by the International ACAC community over the past few weeks have literally been life-changing for the Nepali students. Please view this webinar to better understand the crisis on the ground, and to explore ways of helping these students.

Webinar Recording

Negotiation and Navigation in a Post-Naviance World

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The unexpected and sudden announcement that Hobsons was pulling Naviance out of the international market caught everyone by surprise. International ACAC continues to support the membership in their transition to a new platform.

On March 7, 2018, a webinar was held to help international counselors in this process. There are a number of things to consider when selecting a comprehensive tool to serve students and a counseling office in a post-Naviance world. The webinar panelists discussed how to determine your school's needs and then research systems that best meet those needs. Information is provided on how counselors can advocate up, budget and then implement one of the comprehensive college admission platforms.

Webinar Recording

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Alternatives: Comparison Chart

This chart, also developed by Dale Ford, compares the features of different software platforms to the features that Naviance provided. Companies were included if they support international students and counselors with searching and applying to universities in multiple countries. There are additional companies, but those that focused on only one country were not included.

Next Steps: Reviewing Products

Once you have completed a needs assessment and determined what you are seeking in a platform, you will want to contact companies for more information, a demonstration, and cost details. A platform that is a “best fit” for one school may not fit another school’s needs. Talk to other counselors, join the conversation in the International ACAC Facebook group, and take the time to determine which platform works best for you.

The following products support international students and counselors in searching and applying to universities in multiple countries. Contact them to arrange a demonstration and to get more information. If you are a representative of one of these companies and would like to provide a link to an online demo of your product, please send details to [email protected].

The following platform primarily focuses on U.S. college admissions:

Summer Conference: Options in New Orleans

A number of opportunities be will available to International ACAC counselors at our 2018 Conference in New Orleans. In addition to registration information, the Conference website will include details about:

  • Related educational sessions
  • Vendors scheduled to be in the Exhibit Hall

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