Executive Board 

2018 Election Results
The Governance and Nominating Committee wishes to thank all members who put themselves forward for board service this year and congratulate the successful candidates, who will take office on July 1: 

Thank you to all members who took part by casting their vote in this year’s election process.  

  • We also welcome John Wilkerson, newly appointed Vice President for Admissions/Enrollment Practices.
  • Welcome to Julie Chapman, who will serve as Vice President of Professional Development, appointment effective July 1, as she fills the role being vacated by Becky Konowicz as the incoming President-Elect.
  • Dean Mendes will be welcomed to the board on July 1 as the newly-appointed Member-At-Large.


The Executive Board at the 2017 International ACAC Conference at Case Western Reserve University this past July. 

2017-18 International ACAC Executive Board

President: Johanna Fishbein
Head of University Advising
UWC South East Asia - Dover Campus, Singapore

Past-President: Kristin Dreazen
Senior Consultant
Edvice London, United Kingdom

President-Elect: Aaron Andersen
Director, International Recruitment, AMEA
University of British Columbia, Canada

Vice President for Admissions/Enrollment Practices: John Wilkerson
Director of International Admissions
Indiana University, United States 
Term expires: June 2019

Vice President for Communications & Technology: David Bernay
Senior Associate Director of Admission
St. Edward's University; Austin, United States
Term expires: June 2019

Vice President for Finance: Cathy Curtis
Counselor, Retired

Term expires: June 2019

Vice President for Government Relations: Lucien Giordano

Director of University and Careers Counseling
Dulwich College Suzhou, China
Term expires: June 2020

Vice President for Inclusion, Access, and Success: Joseph Tavares
High School Counselor
Jakarta Intercultural School, Indonesia
Term expires: June 2020

Vice President for Membership: Michelle Chow-Liu

High School Counselor
Western Academy of Beijing, China
Term expires: June 2020

Vice President for Professional Development: Becky Konowicz
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission &
Director of International Admission
Santa Clara University, United States
Term expires: June 2019

Assembly Delegates to NACAC

Patience Fanella-Koch
Director of College & Career Counseling
Aiglon College, Switzerland
Term expires: June 2019

Elisabeth Marksteiner
College Counselor
Term expires: June 2019

Jennifer Melton
College Counselor
International School Bangkok, Thailand
Term expires: June 2020

Cory Miller
Guidance & University Counsellor
Branksome Hall School, Canada

Term expires: June 2020

Kathleen Schultz
Head of University Counseling
Dulwich College Shanghai, China
Term expires: June 2018

Anna Williams Wright
Director of College Counseling
Benjamin School; Palm Beach Gardens, United States
Term expires: June 2018

Theresa Carroll Schweser 
Executive Director (ex-officio)

International ACAC officers begin their terms on July 1 and continue to serve for one, two or three years. Board service provides a wonderful professional development experience and an opportunity to share your experience and leadership skills with others.

Executive Board Nominations

The International ACAC Executive Board is responsible for the day to day running of the association and plays a vital role in shaping it for the future. It’s a great way to get involved in the profession and work with colleagues from around the world. A call for applications for new board members is made in December each year.  Applicants are reviewed by the Governance and Nominating Committee in order to develop the slate of candidates and elections follow shortly thereafter (typically in early March). New officers begin their terms on July 1st. For more information about the membership requirements and duties of each board position, please review the International ACAC Policies and Procedures.