Much of the work of International ACAC is carried out by members of the Executive Board. There are, however, a number of committees that also do work for the association. Committee members are selected by the President or appropriate Vice President and approved by the Executive Board.

Interested in contributing to International ACAC, but not sure where to start? Volunteering to serve on a committee is a great place to start! Committee applications open each year in January, with appointments confirmed by May 1. Terms begin on July 1st, and run until July 30th of the year noted.

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Ad-Hoc Committee on Issues of Diversity

As announced at the General Membership Meeting in Columbus in September 2016, the Executive Board has established a committee to examine issues of diversity within our membership. This committee's charge is:

  • To review the membership, including at the committee and Executive Board levels;
  • To explore institutional structures, procedures, and practices and to identify paths to progress in these areas;
  • To consider avenues to leadership and involvement within the Association that promote principles of inclusion and diverse representation; and
  • To recommend a pathway moving forward.

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Member Institution Term Expiration
Erick Núñez (Co-Chair) United Nations International School 2018
Mallika Ramdas (Co-Chair) UWC South East Asia, Dover Campus 2018
April Crabtree University of San Francisco 2018
Brandy Fransen Rollins College 2018
Tiffani Hooper Bromberg United Nations International School 2018
Christina McDade American Community School of Abu Dhabi 2018
Dean Mendes Skidmore College 2018
Rosa Moreno-Zutautas St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School 2018
Jack Muir Liceo International 2018
Marie Vivas International Baccalaureate Organization 2018


Admissions/Enrollment Practices

The Admission/Enrollment Practices Committee is responsible for proactively educating International ACAC members and the larger community about NACAC’s Statement of Principles of Good Practice and International ACAC Board Policies.  Additionally, the AP Committee investigates alleged infractions of NACAC and International ACAC policies and renders decisions. The AP Committee works closely with the NACAC AP Committee and staff.  
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Term Expiration
John Wilkerson (Chair) Indiana University 2019
John Beck Due West Education 2019
Renee Bowling Woodstock School 2020
Bruce Hammond Tsinghua University High School
International - Chaoyang
Jamie Kanki Concourse Global Enrollment, Inc. 2018
Lorie Komlyn International School of Boston 2020
Heather Pineda Dulwich College International 2018
Jodi Robinson University of Pennsylvania 2018
Ed Tourle Pestalozzi International Village Trust 2019
Juliana Viola Chapel School 2019
Tresa Virankabutra Concordian International School 2018


Communications & Technology

The role of the Communications & Technology Committee is to create opportunities for engagement and facilitate communication from International ACAC to its members and between members themselves. Individual Communication Committee members are expected to contribute in the following ways: Create, host, and/or support preparation of web content, online events, and initiatives; Monitor, moderate, and contribute to social media channels; Actively participate in committee meetings and email discussions.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
David Bernay (Chair) St Edward's University  2019
Tanya Aydelott Williams College 2019
Stephanie Barker Cairo American College 2020
Aidan Crowley SJI International School 2020
Tu Anh Gilmore Mont'Kiara International School 2018
Erick Hyde English Language Programs,
University of Pennsylvania
Robbie Jefferiss UWC South East Asia, East Campus 2019
Fanming Lin Shanghai World Foreign Language
Middle School
Elizabeth Zeller Leiden University College 2020


The Finance Committee reviews financial matters and advises the Executive Board on opportunities to create and manage matters relating to sponsorships, advertising, scholarship funds, and conference exhibitors.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Cathy Curtis (Chair) Independent Member  2019
Bryce Benton Denison University 2020
Jared Goulding  Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 2019
Tracy How Augsburg University 2018
Jennifer Lee Victoria Shanghai Academy 2019
Tina MacDonald Bentley University 2019
Diva Shrestha  Independent Member 2019


Governance & Nominating

The Governance & Nominating Committee is chaired by the Past-President and leads the process of securing candidates for available board positions and coordinates the International ACAC election process.  The Committee also seeks to identify International ACAC members who are strong candidates for NACAC committees and board vacancies. 

To serve for 2018 elections:

Member Institution
Kristin Dreazen (Chair) Edvice London
Aaron Andersen The University of British Columbia
Joe Giacalone  Marist College
Whitney Green Columbia University
Bridget Herrera American International School Dhaka
Erick Núñez United Nations International School
Ffiona Rees University of California, Los Angeles
Paul Teulon King's College London


Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee informs members on issues of concern regarding education and college access initiatives at both the national and international level. The Committee is responsible for supporting the Vice President in his/her work in conjunction with the Presidential Team in research on and identification of viable sites for the International ACAC Regional Institutes; assisting at regional lunches and updates at the annual conference; monitoring legislative issues at the local; national and international level and informs the membership about these concerns; and serving as an information source for legislators about the transition from high school to university.  
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Lucien Giordano (Chair) Dulwich College Suzhou 2020
Sierra Anderson American School Foundation of Monterrey 2020
Jennifer Blask University of Rochester  2019
Jorge Delgado Brandeis University 2020
Kenneth Dunbar Ohio Wesleyan University 2019
Tina Forbush Singapore American School 2020
Alison Herget Villanova University 2019
Jessica Johnston Scripps College 2020
Matthew Johnston Clark University 2020
Kara Madden Madden Educational Consulting 2020
Elisabeth Marksteiner EKMEC 2019
Liam McCartney Boston University 2019
Megan Rhodes Colorado College 2018
Anne Richardson  The American School in London 2020
Jennifer Tassell Balboa Academy 2020


Inclusion, Access, & Success

The Inclusion, Access and Success Committee advances the association’s commitment to inclusion for underserved students and the educational professionals who guide them. The Committee coordinates the Scholarship Program; encourages IAS-related session proposals for the annual conference; and collects and distributes resources that promote international student access and mobility. 
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Joe Tavares (Chair) Jakarta Intercultural School  2020
Christina Callahan Northwestern University 2020
Patience Fanella-Koch Aiglon College 2019
Christopher Flores Hamilton College 2020
Bela Gligorova Nova International Schools 2020
Tracey Grimm Colegio Lincoln 2018
Beatriz Gutierrez Texas Christian University 2020
Misa Kabashima Seattle Academy 2019
Laura Kaub Yale Young African Scholars Program 2018
Gao-Sutthichok Linprasert EducationUSA Chiang Mai 2020
Julie Loveless Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2018
Harvey Miller UWC Costa Rica 2020
Laura Severin Yale-NUS College 2018
Swati Shrestha Woodstock School 2020
Marie Whalen Whitworth University 2020
Rebecca Zeigler Mano Education Matters 2019



The Membership Committee is responsible for membership retention, outreach to potential new members, and managing the application and approval process for those new to the organization. The Membership Committee is tasked with developing and upholding the policies and guidelines that dictate which individuals and organizations can and should be represented in International ACAC.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Michelle Chow-Liu (Chair) Western Academy of Beijing  2020
Susana Aguilar de Urruela APDE Schools Guatemala 2020
Joyce Agyare Independent Member 2018
Ruby Bhattacharya Barnard College 2020
Franko Cifizzari Western Academy of Beijing 2018
Laura O'Brien Gatzionis Educational Advisory Services 2020
Joael Kelly Ruamrudee International School 2020
Chemeli Kipkorir African Leadership Academy 2019
Alys Langdale Marlborough College 2019
Bo Liu Michigan State University 2020
Kathryn McKeen IELTS USA 2019
Frederik Osborne Emerson College 2020
Ashley Sansotta Hillsborough Community College 2019
Patrick Stenger International School of Beijing 2018
Nan Zhang Shanghai High School International Division 2019



The Mentors Committee aims to support new members of International ACAC and first-time attendees to the International ACAC conference. The Committee organizes the International ACAC First Timer Event, held prior to every International ACAC conference. In addition, the Committee coordinates the International ACAC Mentorship Program and other initiatives to support new members to International ACAC.  
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Anna Boyd (Chair) UWC Atlantic College 2019
Marie Assir International College 2020
Kelly Braun International School of the Sacred Heart 2020
Samantha de Leon Illinois Institute of Technology 2020
Patrick Desbarats UWC South East Asia, East Campus 2020
Shelley Marks Escola Graduada, The American School of Sao Paulo 2018
Justin Parsons University of California, Los Angeles 2020
Donna Preston Hillel Academy 2020
Kathleen Simenson Saint Anselm College 2019
Amy Thompson American Community School of Abu Dhabi 2020
Alex Tom Marist College 2019


Professional Development

The PD Committee works to hear the needs and concerns of the International ACAC membership in regards to its professional development priorities. We work on the development, implementation and evaluation of the professional development for all members with special attention to the International ACAC Institute 2-day pre-conference, Regional Institutes, the summer conference, Webinar Wednesdays, and the International ACAC Counselor Bus Tour.  The Committee also works year round on special projects related to professional development for International ACAC and at times in collaboration with NACAC and other affiliate memberships.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Becky Konowicz (Chair) Santa Clara University  2019
Diana Abukazam Dulwich College Singapore 2020
Victoria Bauza The British Schools 2020
Natalie Bitton Lycee Francais de San Francisco 2020
Shannon Bracken University of Ontario Institute of Technology 2020
Julie Chapman Vanderbilt University 2019
Marco Dinovelli Rutgers, The State University of
New Jersey
Brendan Graham Northeastern University 2020
Robert Kostrzeski  Saigon South International School 2019
Mitsuko Leonard  University of California, Davis 2019
Berta Liao Hsinchu International School 2019
Jen Melton International School Bangkok 2020
Erin Nicolls Taipei European School 2018
Sara Riggs Georgia Institute of Technology 2020
Kathleen Schultz Dulwich College Shanghai 2018
David Shubair International School of Zug and Luzern 2019
Shi "Shiny" Wang Beijing Kaiwen Academy 2019



We are responsible for the fund-raising activities that support our Scholarship Program. This includes our Silent Auction and Raffle, along with our 5K Run/Walk.  
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Anna Wright (Chair) Benjamin School  2019
Alexandra Bilan Jakarta Intercultural School 2018
Claudia Botero Marymount School Medellin 2020
Jonathan Cao-Nguyen University of California, Los Angeles 2020
Lewis Cardenas  Michigan State University 2019
Mary de Villiers University of Notre Dame 2019
Stephanie Sweeney Suffolk University 2018
Claire Wilkins New York University Shanghai 2019
Aaron Zdawczyk Northwestern University 2019