Interested in contributing to International ACAC, but not sure where to start?
Much of the work of International ACAC is carried out by members of the Executive Board.
There are nine Standing Committees that also do work for the association,
and volunteering to serve on one of them is a great place to start!

  • Committee terms begin on July 1 and end on July 31 of the third year.
  • Applications for committee service open annually in December for the following year. 
  • Committee members are selected by the appropriate Vice President and approved by the Executive Board.


2024 Committee Applications will open in December.


Watch the December 7 Member Engagement Webinar here!
Learn more about applying for Committees or running for an Executive Board position.

      Standing Committees


      Conference Support Committees

Admissions Practices

The Admissions Practices (AP) Committee is responsible for proactively educating International ACAC members and the larger community about NACAC’s Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission and International ACAC Board Policies. The AP Committee works closely with the NACAC AP Committee and staff.  
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Term Expiration

Ruby Bhattacharya (Chair)

Barnard College


Reida Baghdadi

King's Academy


Marta Bidoli

Escola American de Campinas


Nancy Chien

Taipei European School Foundation


Tanya Cummings

St. John's School


Angela Dunnham

Solomon Admissions Consulting


Lindsey Fogleman Tran

University of California, San Diego


Becky Halvorson

Pearson College UWC


Gavin Hornbuckle

Dulwich College Beijing


Chantelle Jackson-Boothby

Canadian International School of Hong Kong


Ramie Jacobson 

UWC South East Asia, Dover


Katie Korhonen 

New York University


Amber Longtin

Michigan State University


Frank Mcclary

University of South Carolina - Columbia


Harvey Miller

TASIS, The American School in England


Chris Payne

Collingwood School


Veronica Regalado Vergara

Athens College - Psychico College


Lauren Sefton 

Rhodes College


Sudarshana Shukla 

Individual Member


Jo Turner 

University College London (UCL)


Camila Vasquez

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design


Nan Zhang

WLSA Shanghai Academy


Advocacy & Outreach

The Advocacy and Outreach Committee informs members on issues of concern regarding education and college access initiatives at both the national and international level. The Committee is responsible for supporting the Vice President in his/her work in conjunction with the Presidential Team in research on and identification of viable sites for the International ACAC Regional Institutes; assisting at regional lunches and updates at the annual conference; monitoring legislative issues at the local; national and international level and informs the membership about these concerns; and serving as an information source for legislators about the transition from high school to university.  
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Member Institution         Term Expiration       
Daniel Marschner (Chair) Loyola Marymount University  2026
Péter Árvai University of Pécs 2026
Tricia Bergantino University of California, Los Angeles 2026
Melanie Brennand Hamre Taipei American School 2026
Ning Deng Beijing BISS International School 2026
Adam Guo King's College School Chengdu 2026
Bridget Halstead New York University 2026
Martin Kwok Canadian International School of Hong Kong 2026
Jo Mattingley-Nunn Dulwich College Singapore 2026
Anne Richardson The American School in London 2024
Kate Strittmatter Pierce College 2024
Daniel Van Engelen Renaissance College Hong Kong 2026
Dalia Wardany Foothill and De Anza Colleges 2026
Anna-Theresa Wise Hamilton College 2026



The role of the Communications Committee is to create opportunities for engagement and facilitate communication from International ACAC to its members and between members themselves. Individual Communication Committee members are expected to contribute in the following ways: Create, host, and/or support preparation of web content, online events, and initiatives; Monitor, moderate, and contribute to social media channels; Actively participate in committee meetings and email discussions.

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Member Institution  Term Expiration 
Luke Devlin (Chair) Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong  2025
Melanie Batey Institut Le Rosey 2026
Hayley Bendle Cardiff Sixth Form College 2026
Valery Cooper International School of Zug and Luzern 2025
Francesca De Ros New York University 2026
Catherine Huang Cialfo 2024
Kimberly Lord Mary McDowell Friends School 2025
Michael Lu-Jones University of California, Davis 2026
Marc Marier Chinese International School 2026
Alyson Murray Duolingo English Test 2024
Ben O'Brien Shanghai American School - Pudong 2024
Manju Sharma
B D Somani International School
Jenee Slusarek
Korean International School
Jenny Tassell
International School of Panama
Phillip Wenturine Brewster Madrid 2025


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee became a standing committee in 2021. The committee examines matters of difference and equity within International ACAC for the purpose of creating an inclusive community that captures the variety inherent in our membership and opening pathways for more meaningful participation of General, Committee, and Executive Board members.

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Member Institution Term Expiration
Isthier Chaudhury (Chair) Swarthmore College 2024
Lena Adely Sarah Lawrence College 2026
Mick Amundson-Geisel The International School Yangon 2026
Akua Asare Anim University of Waterloo 2025
Rabi Prasad Baral Retired Professional 2025
Ruby Cheng Brown University 2024
Ingrid Davalos Tanglin Trust School 2026
Irena Filkova Nova International Schools 2025
Lesly Garcia Marist College 2026
Krupa Gathani Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) 2026
Dabina Gim Taipei American School 2026
Yik Kun Heng International School of Nido De Aguilas 2024
Sonali Hutchison
Taipei American School
Aileen Lee
Pearson College UWC
Andrea Maldonado
National Student Leadership Conference
Meenakshi Mattoo
B D Somani International School
Francisco Mergulhao
Dremac Education Consulting Private Limited
Ango Paul Mwakisu NYU Abu Dhabi 2025
John Mwaura Starehe Girls' Centre & School 2026
Diana Navarro Porta Sophia International Educational Services 2025
Dejana Petricic Berlin Metropolitan School 2024
Keino Purcell Northeastern University 2025
Shailaja Raghavendra Kunskapsskolan International School 2025
Lindsey Rech Kyiv International School 2026
Nicole Ribeiro Colegio Planck 2024
Janan Sabeh Graded - The American School of São Paulo 2025
Lauren Steed Nomad Educational Services 2025
Shikha Vij Step By Step School 2025
Yuting Yang The Affiliated High School of Peking University 2026



The Finance Committee reviews financial matters and advises the Executive Board on opportunities to create and manage matters relating to sponsorships, advertising, scholarship funds, and conference exhibitors.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Shilpa Gupta (Chair) UWC Southeast Asia, Dover  2025
Juho Karppinen
Providence College
Danika Pierce
Saint Joseph's Institution International
Brent Seton Ontario Tech University 2026
Taylor Siedell Ruamrudee International School 2026
Ying Kim Tsoi Victoria Shanghai Academy 2026
William Watter Dar Essalam American School 2026
Xue Yan Graduate Student 2024


2023-2024 Governance & Nominating Committee (GNC)

The Governance and Nominating Committee (GNC) is responsible for reviewing all governing documents, related policies, and recommended amendments. The committee shall review eligibility for Delegates to the NACAC Assembly and officers and forward a slate of nominees for annual elections. The GNC will verify the veracity of election results. All reports will be presented to the Executive Board for approval.
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Member Institution Representation/Region
Kristoffer Toribio (Chair)
Orange Coast College
Past-President (USA)
Natalie Bitton
Lycee Francais de San Francisco
Member at Large, Author (USA)
Brendan Bond
University of Rochester
Member at Large (USA)
Debra Backlund Dar es Salaam International Academy Member at Large (Tanzania)
Kavita Chandran The George Washington University Member at Large (USA)
Erin Garcia
International ACAC
Executive Director, Ex-Oficio (USA)
Rashad Howze
University of California, Irvine
Member At Large (USA)
Jamie Kanki
EAB Global Inc.

Member at Large (USA)

Wilson Lee
Singapore American School

President-Elect, Ex-Oficio (Singapore)

Stephen Lewin
Griffith University

Member At Large (Australia)

Andrea Maldonado
National Student Leadership Conference

Member At Large (USA)

Kate McKeen

Executive Board Member, Vice President (USA)

Harish Menon Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) Member At Large (UAE)
Prakash Poonam The Shiri Ram School Member At Large (India)
Grace Robertson-Lloyd Grinnell College Member At Large (USA)
Damien Tomkins Harrow Beijing Member At Large (China)
Kim Tulloch Wynn York House School Executive Board Member, Representative (Canada)


Inclusion, Access, & Success

The Inclusion, Access and Success Committee advances the association’s commitment to inclusion for underserved students and the educational professionals who guide them. The Committee coordinates the Scholarship Program; encourages IAS-related session proposals for the annual conference; and collects and distributes resources that promote international student access and mobility. 
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Joyce Agyare (Chair) Independent Member 2026
Alexandra Feinson UWC South East Asia, East Campus 2026
Arpita Gupta Neerja Modi School 2025
Benjamin Gutierrez Johns Hopkins University 2026
Malin Halladay Aladlouni
Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School
Rin Kim Stamford American International School 2026
Eric Laug International Community School of Singapore 2026
Gregory Manne Rise 2025
Liam McCartney Boston University 2024
Francine Mohammed UWC Atlantic College 2026
Zehra Ratani Rice University 2024
Jodi Robinson The Hill School 2025
Cerise Roth-Vinson International School of Manila 2025
Erin Slocum Tanglin Trust School 2024
Alyse Stegman Thai-Chinese International School 2025
Stephanie Tao American Community School Abu Dhabi 2024
Danielle Wolfberg Gettysburg College 2026



The Membership Committee is responsible for membership retention, outreach to potential new members, and managing the application and approval process for those new to the organization. The Membership Committee is tasked with developing and upholding the policies and guidelines that dictate which individuals and organizations can and should be represented in International ACAC.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Kate McKeen (Chair) IELTS USA 2026
Kim Tulloch Wynn (Co-Chair) York House School 2026
Juan Arellano 

NYU London  

Brian Bailey

University of Waterloo

Craig Brown Vancouver Island University 2025
Jennifer Cheong Crofton House School 2024
Karen Dancy 
Olds College of Agriculture and Technology
Darren Drabek 
Skidmore College
Simon Fitch
Malvern International
Alana Green The University of British Columbia 2025
Rebecca Hansen The College of Wooster  2025
Sarah Hough Trent College 2025
Danielle Jakob Trinity School 2025
Karen J'bari McGill University 2025
Kevin Keller Bangkok Patana School 2026
Marion Kinder Tsukuba International School 2025
Natalie La Balme Ecole Jeannine Manuel 2026
Yunxia Liao International School of Beijing 2024
Anthea Lung Singapore International School (Hong Kong) 2026
Elitah Mainza Independent Member 2025
Maria Mathai MMA Services 2026
Doug McQueen International School Bangkok 2024
Francis Miller Individual Member 2026
Yeon-Keong (Pearl) Noh Nanjing International School 2025
Laura Nunez International School of Monaco 2026
Andrew Palmer Irondequoit High School 2025
Anne Payne Harare International School 2024
Sara Riggs Georgia Institute of Technology 2026
Margarita Servera Education Jump 2025
Mamta Sharma Retired Professional 2026
Flor Silva Independent Member 2024
Seray Teleke  University of California, Los Angeles 2024
Marie Whalen Whitworth University 2026
Sarah Wilson The Global Faculty 2026
Dahlia Younan British Council IELTS  2025


Professional Development

The PD Committee works to hear the needs and concerns of the International ACAC membership regarding its professional development priorities. We work on the design, implementation, and evaluation of professional development for all members, including the two-day Pre-Conference Institute, Regional Institutes, the Annual Conference, webinars, and the International ACAC Counselor Bus Tour.  The Committee also works year-round on special projects related to professional development for International ACAC and at times in collaboration with other committees, the Mentor Year Program, or other NACAC affiliates or organizations working with international admissions activities.
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Marsha Oshima (Chair) International School of Geneva/Ecolint 2025
Liam McCartney (Co-Chair) Boston University 2026
Buket Ayaz Nord Anglia International School Dubai 2025
Jacob Bonnell UWC ISAK Japan 2026
Tannaz Daver Saint Joseph's Institution International 2026
Allison Duke Dartmouth College 2026
Patrick Firme UWC-USA 2024
Tiffany Goulet American Overseas School of Rome 2026
Clay Hensley Independent Member 2026
Hui Jin King’s College School Chengdu 2026
Katie Leishear Colegio Franklin Delano Roosvelt 2026
Stephen Lewin Griffith University   2024
John Liu Yew Chung and Yeh Wah International Schools China 2024
Yanni Liu Keystone Academy 2024
Lisa Mortini NYU Abu Dhabi 2026
Mame Mor Ndiaye Wake Forest University 2026
Jeffrey Neill Graded - The American School of São Paulo 2025
Kristen Pantazes University of Pennsylvania 2025
Manju Sharma
B D Somani International School
Madison Smalley
Boston University
Sam Wickham
ACS Cobham International School


First-Timers' Committee

The First-Timers Committee aims to support first-time attendees to the International ACAC Conference. The Committee organizes the International ACAC First-Timer event, held prior to every International ACAC Conference.  

Member Institution Term Expiration
Joyce Agyare (Co-Chair)

Independent Member

Scott Lassey (Co-Chair)

KIS International School

Lena Adely

Sarah Lawrence College

Asil Al-Shammari Halcyon London International School 2025
Luisa Duarte-Silva Ashinaga 2025
Bobbe Fernando Avenues: The World School 2025
Alban Ferrieu The Uni Advisor 2024
Stephanie Lord University of New Brunswick 2025
Megan Mankerian-Stem Gen Next Education, Inc. 2025
Ango Paul Mwakisu NYU Abu Dhabi 2025
Lindsey Rech Kyiv International School 2024
Madeline Schloss Concordia International School Hanoi 2024
Iss-Haq Suleman Wise 360 Educational Consult 2025
Malissa Takacs Tanglin Trust School 2024
Martha Torres Reina Santiago Christian Academy 2025


Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee is responsible for the fundraising activities. This includes the Annual Conference Raffle, along with our 5K & 3K Run/Walk.  
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Member Institution Term Expiration
Stephanie Lord (Co-Chair) University of New Brunswick
Megan Buckley University of Denver 2025
Brandy Fransen Rollins College 2025
Jason Smith UES Education 2025
Iss-Haq Suleman Wise 360 Educational Consult 2025