International ACAC Scholar Program

The mission of the International ACAC Scholar Program is to support under-resourced, high-impact advising professionals facilitating students' access and transition to higher education. 


Application deadline EXTENDED.
2021 Scholar Application Form - Deadline December 1, 2021


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International ACAC promotes access to higher education opportunities for the neediest students around the world by supporting those who work directly with them. Since 2014, the International ACAC Scholar Program has supported 50 scholars from 37 different countries with the capacity to reach over 30,000 studentsScholarship recipients are funded to attend the annual International ACAC Pre-Conference Institute and Conference, as well as a higher education counselor bus tour following the Conference. *Pictured right is the 2019 Scholar Cohort at Western University.


Over the past five years, your contributions supported counselors in the countries highlighted on the map below. 

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Botswana Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Barbados



El Salvador


Cameroon Brazil Brunei Brazil





Colombia India Barbados Brunei





 Ethiopia Ireland China China




Costa Rica

Georgia Kazakhstan

Democratic Republic of Congo


Nigeria Mongolia Malawi Egypt Ghana Mongolia  Eswatini Ghana
Rwanda Rwanda Mongolia Kenya  Kyrgyzstan Nigeria   Ghana Liberia
Rwanda Senegal Nepal Madagascar Montenegro Swaziland  


The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tanzania Tunisia New Zealand Mexico Nepal    Kenya  Kazakhstan
Uganda United Kingdom Zimbabwe Togo  Tanzania    Lebanon  
      Trinidad & Tobago



      Uganda     Moldova  


Scholar Program Impact Report, 2014-2017


“When you empower a counselor, you’ve empowered a generation.” Watch the video to hear what former cohorts Samuel Birondwa and Moses Illunga have to say about the Scholar Program, and read about additional benefits in the testimonials below.


New Relationships with Admissions Officers

"The great thing is that now my students have a wide range of universities to choose from. I came across all of these schools when I attended the University Fair. I am now working with admissions counselors I met. It makes a big difference." - Flavia Murengezi, Green Hills Academy, Rwanda

An Increase in Applications Overseas

"Before the conference, my years as a counselor were quite frustrating. I've always wanted to reach out to my students but I found myself confined by certain limits. Before this program, students would come to me for advice but I sent them to the Embassy due to lack of information. However, my training has given me a groundwork to give more accurate and precise information to my students. Our numbers applying overseas have increased." - Mercy Nwogbo, Federal Government Academy, Nigeria

Improved Advocacy for Students

"I have developed a strong working relationship with International ACAC members. This network of resources is already helping me to better serve my students as they select the right university or college for their growth as a global citizen. I have also learned which parts of our students' lives to highlight in their recommendation letters. While reading the case studies provided at the conference, I learnt what a comprehensive recommendation should include. I am already finding ways of sharing this with other members of Loyola's career guidance team as well as subject teachers whom our students may ask for recommendations." - Columba Thadey, Loyola High School, Tanzania


The Scholar Mentor Program partners each Scholar with an International ACAC member to provide year-long support and professional mentorship. This program, which won a 2016 NACAC Rising Star Award, will allow Scholars to put into practice new knowledge, skills, and best practices for their students, communities, and regions.  


2021 Scholar Application Form

We encourage and rely on International ACAC members to identify and nominate counseling colleagues who are high impact counselors working in schools (or with student populations) that do not have professional development funding to attend such an event. Each Fall, a call for nominations is sent to our membership. The application window also opens each Fall for the following year's Scholar Program. The selection panel is comprised of members of the Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee, and includes representation from admissions officers, counselors, board members, and EducationUSA.
Nominations for the 2022 Cohort are now closed. 


International ACAC members are encouraged to consider donating to the support the Scholar Program throughout the year. Direct contributions of any amount (from individuals, schools, or organizations) are greatly appreciated. Institutions may contribute at any level and are recognized in the ways described below. 

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of individuals, campuses, and organizations, we are able to support a number of counselors from around the world and sustain this important program!

We would like to thank the following donors for their contributions in support of the
2018 Scholar Program!


For information on how you can support the International ACAC Scholar Program, please contact [email protected].