Facebook: Let’s Not Reinvent the Wheel!  
Using the FILES feature on the International ACAC Facebook Page

By Tim Munnerlyn
American School of Warsaw

Great insights and resources are shared everyday on the International
 ACAC Facebook page.  On many occasions, topics and questions are simply answered within the comments section of a particular post.  No matter how great these answers might be to those in need, the posts themselves have a shelf life of mere hours until they are buried in an avalanche of other posts.  A little know, or perhaps a not widely used feature, is the Files button located on the left hand side (or top menu bar) of the International ACAC Facebook page. 

When members post a document, powerpoint or other 
forms of communication in their responses, attachments are automatically logged and listed under the "Files" section.  Instead of reinventing the wheel building or creating a presentation or handout, having members share/upload their resources directly into posts could make many of our lives just a little easier.  Already, there are useful and fabulous resources posted here. 

For example, David Hanna and Sarah Loring de Garcia compiled a list of Test Flexible/Optional Colleges and Universities for International Students.  Even though they clearly note the list as a dynamic and ever changing document, this list provides a quick and easy starting point for students and school counselors.  

Last February, Sean McAuley shared a useful doc listing Maths requirements for Psychology (BSc), Economics and Business course at  UK Universities.  The list included more prominent and popular destinations for international student, but yet another example of a resource which could be quickly recalled when speaking with members of your learning community. Think how useful this information could be when scheduling 10th graders entering the IB Diploma programme.

There are numerous other helpful resources listed in the Files section within our Facebook page. The next time you provide feedback via a handout, presentation or self help document to a fellow counselor, admissions representative or other members of our community, please don’t just PM them the answer.  Please consider posting the resources directly for others to enjoy and savor.  It’s fast, easy and appreciated by all, while giving us a few extra moments not reinventing the wheel.

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Erin Nicolls - Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I knew there was a way to do that somehow! Thanks much, Tim!

Patrick Stenger - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thanks Tim, great value in that Facebook tip. Much appreciated!

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