RED : Retired Extremely Delighted to help

by Peter Hauet

Where do retired high school counselors and college admission professionals go to retire?  What do they do?  At the fantastic OACAC conference in Florida a group of us came together to discuss this at a workshop hosted by Peter Hauet, Jane Lowery and Vivian Cipolla.  The “Expert Group” is a subcommittee of the OACAC membership committee.  So what can we do?

We started with some obvious items:  We love the profession; we love what we do or did and want to stay involved.

So how can we continue to be of service and stay involved?

  Serve as a temporary counselor at a school

  Serve as a reader at a college/university during the reading/selection season

  Consult for admission offices, especially international

  Provide workshops

  Assist with professional development, as appropriate

  Put information on the OACAC website

  Serve as mentors to OACAC members

From our discussion we came up with the following:

  1. What kinds of activities and projects can we do that will help the OACAC membership and us as well?

  2. How can we establish communications that are relevant to our group?  Can we use those already in place such as our own website or perhaps a closed Facebook group?  How do we reach out to members and non-members alike?

  3. How do we establish a database and keep in current?  Again this could be a good use of the OACAC website.

  4. How can we make the best use of our knowledge?  We may be retired or retiring, but our brains are not.  We must remember how much we know.

  5. We can be a clearing-house for our members both that need a service and who can supply that service.

  6. We can act as evaluators for programs in high schools or colleges.

  7. In addition to acting as mentors new to the profession we can also help those in mid-career looking to take the next steps.

  8. We can help access programs at the high school or college levels..

It is one thing to have a service available and another to make sure that the right people know about it. 

Please help us by letting the right people know that we are available and willing to help. 

PLEASE contact me with more ideas and comments  

Peter Hauet
[email protected]

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