The Best of OACAC Series

Announcing … The BEST of OACAC SERIES …. Inspired by “The Best of American Essays”, a series which includes: 

Do you ever run a “best of” list in your head? Share it out loud!  Best book to get for your office, if you can only get one! Best program to run for your juniors, if you can only run one! Best database program to convince your admin to get, if you're tired of excel sheets!  Let’s pool ideas, share suggestions … after all, that’s what the Best of OACAC is about!   

Here’s our first “Best of….” column for counselors. Next column is for admissions officers! Share, Enjoy, Laugh, and most of all, Use! 

>> Elisabeth Marksteiner (International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland)

Best book - Given that the majority of my students apply to the UK, the one most open on my desk is the UCAS Guide to Getting into University and College - I've put sticky notes in for the phrases I refer to most often "Don't spend your whole first paragraph reminiscing about your early childhood"

Best database program - Naviance I use this for the whole world. I can see where everyone is applying (has applied), I use the journal section to get teacher input for UCAS references - could not manage the 9 - 12 programme without it...

>> David Hawkins (Taunton School, England, UK) 

Best book / website for the UK: HEAP by Brian Heap

Best for the US: College Apps on

>> Greer Bevel (International School of Latvia, The Republic of Latvia) 

Best twitter feed: @ISDCounselling

Most thought-provoking admission blogs:



>> Wendy Beato, OACAC Scholarship Recipient 2013 (American Int School of Cape Town) 

Best concepts I learned from attending my first OACAC conference:

 1. While we are quite capable as individuals, our network of counselors and related professionals allows us to extend ourselves and bring about the best services to those we serve....and there is not a better place to expand the network than at OACAC! 

2. You will make your strongest network connections at the most unconventional places: Bring on the dodgeball baby! Ha ha! 

>> Victoria Lidzbarski, Dulwich College (China) 

Best book for my office … there are many that I use now overseas that I didn't use in the US, but if I had to choose one, I suppose I go back to the lessons of the CTCL book the most often, no matter what country I'm in.

Best Program for Juniors … If I could only run one program for my juniors, I would run my "If I knew then what I know now" session.  I have seniors and recent alumni come and talk to the juniors.  It's an eye-opener every time and makes for great reflection for the kids who are finishing up the process.



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