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What we do: International ACAC’s Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee collects and distributes information and resources that promote international student access and mobility for underserved students.  
How to use these resources: These resources may be reposted and openly shared with students, families and other professionals in the larger international community. However, some of these resources may require explanation or review with students and families unfamiliar with financial terms or aid policies. To this end, counselors are encouraged to provide these materials to stakeholders as part of an active dialogue about college access for international students.

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Nonresident Alien Undergraduate Financial Aid

Nonresident Undergraduate Alien Financial Aid chart provides an overview of the financial aid panorama for international students at US universities. Data includes a list of institutions along with their aid policy, the number of nonresident alien undergraduates that attend as well as how many receive aid, the average award size, and the source from where the data was taken.

Jennie Kent at [email protected]

Jeff Levy at [email protected]

August 2018

In-State Tuition for International Students

This Google excel sheet provides a list of four year universities in the US and Canada that offer in-state tuition rates for international applicants. Qualification requirements, conditions for renewal and university source sites are included.

Tracey Grimm at [email protected]

April 2017

Funding US Study:

This list from the Institute of International Education allows students to search for scholarship and aid opportunities based on intended area of study, state location, and region or country of origin.



Financial Aid for International Students

This resource provides some basic data on financial aid trends for international students and how to use the College Board’s Big Future website to assess whether institutions offer aid for international students.


Chronicle of Higher Education: Tuition and Fees from 1999-2018

This table shows the "sticker prices" — published tuition and required fees — at more than 3,000 colleges and universities for the 2017-18 academic year. Click the institutions' names to see historical data back to 1998. A great resource for not only comparing the cost of institutions but also analyzing trends over time.

Chronicle of Higher Education

October 2016

The College Scorecard

The College Scorecard highlights key indicators about the cost and value of institutions across the U.S. to help students choose a school that is well-suited to meet their needs, priced affordably, and is consistent with their educational and career goals.

United States Department of Education

May 2018

U.S. Higher Education Institutions Awarding Financial Aid to International Undergraduate Students, 2014/15

Explore U.S. higher education institutions that awarded financial aid (need based & non-need based) to international (non-resident alien) degree-seeking undergraduate students in 2014/15 or 2013/14. Use the controls on the right to filter by state, total financial aid awarded, average award, or search for a particular institution.

Jan 2016

College and Graduate School Scholarships

E4FC has developed resources to help undocumented students across the U.S. find scholarships to pay for college. These resources have been assembled and updated by undocumented young people who have participated in E4FC’s various programs.


2017-2018 School Year

U.S. Federal Student Aid (for students who are US citizens)

Federal Student Aid is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. These programs provide grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school, mainly through the completion of the FAFSA. This resource is for US citizen students only.

US Federal Government, contact at 1-800-4FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) or internationally at 1-334-523-2691

2018-2019 school year

The College Solution Blog

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a internationally recognized college expert, who offers college advice through her blog at




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U.S. Higher Education Institutions Awarding the Most Financial Aid to International Undergraduate Students

Explore U.S. higher education institutions that awarded financial aid (need based & non-need based) to international (non-resident alien) degree-seeking undergraduate students in 2014/15 or 2013/14. This is a PDF document mirroring the College Board Table  search tool.

Jan 2016






Our goals 

We imagine a future where underserved populations --  students, families, and counselors -- have accurate and reliable admissions, financial aid, and scholarship information about universities across the globe in order to make informed decisions.  Our goal is to widely disseminate vetted, reliable, and sustainable resources that will provide counselors and students with information specific to international populations that may be helpful in seeking access and admission to higher education. This may include financial aid and scholarship information, policies regarding standardized tests, preparation materials, and so forth.  

Disclosure Statement 

The following resources are provided to the International ACAC membership with the permission of their authors.  However, International ACAC neither owns nor authors the data.  Such content may contain the view, opinions, statements, offers and other materials of their respective authors.  These resources are intended to be used as a guide but any questions, concerns, or updates regarding the accuracy of the data should be directed to the author, organization, or the institution referenced.   

An Invitation 

Know of a great resource you don’t see here? Please contact the IAS committee at [email protected]. We are constantly seeking to add to and diversify our resource page to provide greater breadth and depth of various resources. Suggestions of other resources and other constructive feedback is welcome. The IAS committee will review and vet any suggested resources to ensure that they are accurate, inclusive and holistic.