University of Notre Dame in London 

OACAC Regional Institutes are designed to address trends and topics specific to the region, while enhancing the capabilities and networks for educational counselors, enabling them to more comprehensively assist students in the application process. Expert OACAC Faculty will be joined by representatives from leading organizations in the field of college admissions.

  • All of the advantages of the OACAC conference, but in your region. Experience the same networking, educational focus, and detailed conversations as you’ve come to expect from OACAC conferences.
  • More in-depth focus on the issues, trends, and networking specific to your region.
  • An opportunity to expand the OACAC network to new high schools, principals and communities who may be unfamiliar or unwilling to invest in the annual conference until they become aware of the long-term benefits of OACAC membership.

OACAC Regional Institutes will be held annually in rotating locations. Shanghai, China will host the first Institute in 2015, and Africa and the United Kingdom will follow in 2016



The London one-day Regional Institute is aimed at new professionals in the field of university counseling or those who would like to gain fundamental knowledge about the university application systems in North America (US and Canada). With more than 860,000 international students studying in the US and Canada, and an ever-changing world of university admissions, it is imperative for counselors to be armed with the knowledge to adequately and accurately advise students. 

The London Regional Institute will allow for a day of concentrated networking, educational sessions, and conversations that are specific to international students studying in the US and Canada. Through in-depth and focused conversations and presentations, participants gain a greater understanding of the educational process, admission requirements, fees and scholarships, and the challenges and opportunities students face when applying to a university in North America. 


HIGH SCHOOL The London Institute will note have a University component 
  • Learn from expert OACAC Faculty and representatives from leading organizations in the field of college admissions;
  • More in-depth focus on the issues and trends specific to your region;
  • Concentrated networking with university representatives at a small regional conference;
  • Anticipated attendance from university 
    representatives from leading universities 
    in the US, Canada and Europe;
  • Increased visibility for your institution and participating in the Reverse College Fair **;
  • All of the advantages of the OACAC conference, but in your region. 

** Not all regional institutes will host college fairs

  • Concentrated networking with high school counselors at a small regional conference; 
  • Anticipated attendance from national and international high schools throughout the region;
  • Ability to meet, learn and network with school administrators during the Reverse College Fair **;
  • Increased understanding of educational and cultural philosophies for students from China and Asia;
  • Increased visibility for your institution; and.                      

** Not all regional institutes will host college fairs