Did You Know?

 Did You Know?

Next week, during our General Membership Meeting, we will be voting on important Association business. 

The Governance and Nominating Committee reviewed International ACAC’s bylaws and inserted NACAC required changes to bring us into compliance with NACAC Bylaws and with their US Department of Justice Consent Decree. We also took this opportunity to update some wording to adjust to the fact that our world has been drastically changed by the reality of a global pandemic. This includes decoupling our business meetings from our in-person conferences, and allowing a membership grace period for colleagues who are changing jobs in the midst of tremendous upheaval in our profession.

This is also a great opportunity to officially change the name of the Diversity Committee as this requires a bylaws change. 

We will also vote to approve the 2021 association budget.

Please review the proposed Bylaws amendments in preparation for our meeting on Tuesday, October 27 at 9:00 AM EDT.

How do we vote?

The most important thing we need to do in order to vote at the October 27 meeting is have a robust representation of members. Voting members will have the opportunity to participate in a vote to change our bylaws. Your engagement is important. 

We will present motions and have set times for discussion during the meeting.  Since our time together will be short but we do want to ensure that all members have an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes, we have created a comments form on the proposed Bylaws amendments website. We encourage you to submit your comments in advance as this will allow us time to address them in a timely manner; the deadline to submit comments is Monday, October 26 at 10:00 AM EDT.

All voting members will be asked to vote during the meeting. We will vote on three proposed motions:

  1. Motion to approve the 2021 Association Budget

  2. Motion to change the name of the Diversity Committee

  3. Motion to amend the association bylaws

Will there be other voting later?

This is a two-step process. The GNC has proposed the changes to bylaws to ensure compliance with the NACAC DOJ decree. This needs to be done right away. As does approving the 2021 budget.

The Association has undertaken a major DEIJ Initiative. As part of this process, an extensive review of all Association structures, policies and bylaws is underway. Our DEIJ consultant has begun work with the DEIJ Change Workgroup and we will host focus groups and other information gathering processes throughout the rest of 2020.  While we have heard from many of you, we are expanding our listening capacity to ensure wide, inclusive representation of our membership. The recommendations from the DEIJ Change Workgroup, the Town Hall, and the other formal and informal member workgroups will guide the Association in making any changes. If bylaws changes are recommended they will presented for member approval by vote in the first part of 2021.

Thank you for planning to attend our General Business Meeting. You can register here. Please review the proposed bylaws amendments and make comments by Monday, October 26. Your participation is crucial. Please encourage other International ACAC members to attend this meeting and vote.

See you next week.

Marie Vivas
Past-President, International ACAC
[email protected]

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