Getting Involved - Thoughts & Tips on 2020 Elections

Getting Involved - Thoughts and Tips on the 2020 Elections

By: Aaron Andersen
Past President & Chair of Governance Nominating Committee
Director, International Recruitment, University of British Columbia 


My daughter is twelve, in grade seven, which here in Canada, is the last year before she heads to high school.  Last week, as our family was going through the regular hectic morning activities – making lunches, last minute homework, finding socks, and eating cereal she thrust a scrunched up paper into my hand and said “Sign this, Dad … Please.” 

I unfolded the paper to read a form titled Gr.7 Lunchtime Playground Monitor Application – and noticed the space for Parent/Guardian signature.  It was a surprise to me that she had decided to be a part of this program.  …But as she is a pre-teen, and I’m a Dad, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that I didn’t know.  I ventured, “Prairie, that’s great you want to help out at the school, what made you decide on this role?” She thought a moment, then said “I dunno”… Then thought a little longer and added, “I guess it’s because last year some of the monitors helped me”.  It was a great’ AHA’ moment as I knew what she meant. Here my eldest daughter was taking a chance to help out others, in the same way that she had been helped in years past.


Often that is what volunteering is all about.  With International ACAC, certainly the reason many come forward to apply for a committee position, or role at a Regional Institute, or a spot on the Executive Board is because someone helped them in the past, or they saw others in those positions make a difference.

What can be difficult is taking that first step to apply.  Our applications are now open for committee positions and Executive Board positions – Deadline of January 15.  As Chair of the Governance & Nominating Committee, I want to encourage you to think about what you have seen in others, and find that inspiration to apply for a position.  

Particularly, if you are in a region that is not currently represented in our formal positions – such as voices from the African continent or the Middle East, from Chinese-curriculum schools, or universities in Europe, among others.  We also are eager for views and perspectives from groups that have been under-represented in our membership - people of colour and professionals working in public national schools. Yes – our Association needs you here.

Ultimately, it is a competitive process to be selected for committees, just like college applications, Chairs receive more applications than there are positions available – and they select individuals considering a number of factors. 


Similarly, the Governance & Nominating Committee will work to make the process as easy to understand as possible, and work to encourage members to apply for Board positions. But the elections will be made up of those eligible applications that come forward and a slate that is manageable for a membership-wide vote.


Visit the Election 2020 page today and explore the application process.  If you have questions, check out the FAQ page. And if there are still concerns or doubts, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Everyone on the Board and Governance & Nominating Committee is working hard to build a more inclusive and equitable organization, every year.  And we find inspiration from those who have helped us in years past.


Executive Board Application: 

Committee Applications:

Deadline: January 15, 2020



  1. Complete application and submit documents (by Jan.15)
  2. Be specific - interest in the position, new ideas
  3. Wide range of activities/experiences - Including outside of International ACAC
  4. Highlight diversity - What do you offer?
  5. Follow advice you give to students – Read out loud and proofread!


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