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Diversity Committee Name Change Response

Diversity Committee Name Change Response

It’s All About the Issue 

In July of 2017, I joined the Ad Hoc Committee Co-Chaired by Erick Núñez and Malika Ramdas. We met for the very first time with the sole purpose to discuss “Issues of Diversity”, a name that would follow our transition into a Standing Committee years later.  From the very beginning, the underlying emotions when putting topics on the table have been as raw as the issues that have emerged. 

There had been pain, there had been hurt and there had been unintended exclusion. Hence the emergence of a Standing Committee that hit the ground running. Thank you Co-Chairs Erick Núñez and Dean Mendes. Thank you Marie Vivas for leading us in this journey.  

By 2019 we all knew and confirmed that there was no easy way to center conversations from the very diverse International ACAC membership, in particular from the perspective of non-dominant voices. We were energized by the intent to celebrate the unique differences within OUR membership and the opportunity to help identify the barriers that prevented the full and even participation of our membership.

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2021 Opportunity Grants & Membership Dues Waivers

2021 Opportunity Grants & Membership Dues Waivers

Now more than ever, International ACAC understands the importance of creating connections and fostering a global community. Two practical ways in which our members can support members is through Opportunity Grants and Membership Dues Waivers. 

Opportunity Grants

The Opportunity Grant program, which initially launched in 2018, is designed to support our members around the world as they assist students and families in the search for higher education. As a geographically diverse organization, our membership is operating under new circumstances as they navigate the different phases of the COVID-19 response and impact. With Opportunity Grants now open for 2021, some may be able to plan in-person events in their country, while others will need to rework their program to fit the online format. Previous Opportunity Grant recipients used their awards to assist in funding college fairs, regional counselor workshops, and programs for local students. With a stable internet connection and an electronic device, many of these initiatives can be adapted to the hybrid or virtual setting, potentially expanding and extending the event's reach. A grant that goes towards technology can also make the virtual learning environment more accessible and universal. The 2021 Opportunity Grant application form is open until November 9 and can be found through this link.

Membership Dues Waivers

The purpose of dues waivers is to engage and support less-resourced community members around the globe. Open to both new and existing members, the award is designed to assist our colleagues in gaining or maintaining membership with International ACAC. The 2021 Membership Dues Waiver form is open until December 1 and can be found through this link.

2020 Opportunity Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2020 Opportunity Grant recipients!

Susana Aguilar de Urruela - APDE Schools in Guatemala
Funding to support lunches for university representatives attending a college fair.
Shannon Bracken - Ontario Tech University in Canada
Hosting a joint Canadian higher education event for counselors in Doha.

Neeraj Mandhana - The Next Genius Foundation in India
Funding flights for counselors to attend Next Genius Training in Mumbai.
Heather Thompson-Cavalli - Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz
Creating workshops that support regional counselors with the intricacies of the Swiss college application process.


Questions about Opportunity Grants and Membership Dues Waivers
can be emailed to [email protected].