Financial Aid Form Project 

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The College Board announced that starting in 2021, it will no longer provide two important forms that have been used in creating access for international students in the admissions and financial aid processes: the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) and the International Student Certification of Finances. These forms were designed to standardize the financial information that applicants provide to colleges/universities and consuls/embassies to assist in the admissions and visa issuance processes. 

International ACAC recognizes that these forms are particularly significant for students who face financial and/or logistical barriers when applying to university. Without these forms, students may face added challenges in not only gaining admission and receiving aid, but also in entering their respective countries of study. 

In light of these changes, International ACAC’s Executive Board has called for the formation of an ad-hoc committee to explore solutions, including the potential for the creation of alternatives to the forms mentioned above. Patricia McKinney-Bergantino, the Vice President for Advocacy and Outreach, and Ruby Bhattacharya, Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Practices will co-chair this committee. 

Thank you to the many members who volunteered for this ad-hoc committee work. Given the nature of the forms and the urgency of the matter, we specifically sought members who are experienced in student immigration and financial form requirements. 

For members wanting to provide suggestions for the ad-hoc committee, please share your feedback using this form.