Proposed Bylaw Change
Regarding When Executive Board Members Take Office


To support the transition of newly elected Executive Board members,
this motion proposes changing the date of when these individuals take office from July 1 to the last day of the annual conference.

The annual conference is currently held in July.

Motion made by Natalie Bitton, President;
seconded by Kristoffer Toribio, President-Elect.

Rationale for proposed change:xxxxxxxxxxx

Currently the practice is for new Board members to immediately step into their role at the conference.
Without formalized handbooks/manuals or mentorship, the transition can be confusing and stressful. 

This motion intends to provide:

  • A Smooth and Professional Transition with Mentorship and Collegiality available during the conference
  • An experience of inclusion and community among Board members
  • Best practices and procedures for “passing the baton”


Please review the proposed bylaws changes outlined below
(provided in the right-side column).

International ACAC Bylaws
May 2021 Approved)
Proposed Bylaw Change (highlighted in red)

Bylaws Article VII. The Executive Board and Officers

Section 03 

(b) Newly elected Executive Board members shall begin their term on July 1.




(b) Newly elected Executive Board members shall
begin their term on the last day of International
ACAC’s annual conference.

Bylaws Article IX. Delegates to the NACAC Assembly

Section 02 

Delegates serve a term of three years. Delegates shall begin their term of office not later than July 1 of the year in which they may be seated in the Assembly.



Delegates shall begin their term of office on the last day of International ACAC’s annual conference of the year in which they are to be seated in the Assembly.


Review the FAQ below for more details on this motion.

Member comments on the motion can be viewed here .


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Proposed Motion 

What are Executive Board member responsibilities during the annual conference?
Board members attend the conference, Executive Board meetings (2-3 days prior to the start of the conference), and participate in presenting at the Membership meeting during the conference. Committee meetings are also held during the conference.

Would outgoing Executive Board members’ terms finish at the end of June or also after the last day of conference?
Outgoing Board members' terms would finish on the last day of the conference.

Would the new incoming Executive Board members be required to attend the conference of the year they are elected? 
Yes. It would follow that there would be four conferences to attend, with the first being an "observer" where the newly elected Board member is mentored by the outgoing Board member. 

How does this change align with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
Having newly elected Board members being mentored in a formal and systematic way during their first sitting conferences promotes inclusion and a healthy sense of community.  Passing the baton is collegial and provides continuity.

Who can vote on this motion?
Any voting member can vote on the motion. Members can determine their voting status by logging in to the website and reviewing the Member Landing Page. Our association voting policies are outlined in International ACAC’s  Policies and Procedures (pp 32-33).