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Embracing Global Diversity:
 The Importance of Intercultural Competence

International ACAC is proud and excited to offer an inclusive space where our members can exchange ideas and network. In response to feedback from our membership, we are launching a three-year, member-driven initiative to promote intercultural competency within our Association and to build the skills and awareness to engage effectively with diversity encountered when working with colleagues.
 International  ACAC Diversity Statement Committee on Issues of Diversity

 Statement on Protests and Injustice


June 2, 2020 International ACAC Statement on Protests and Injustice


Diversity Initiative

International ACAC and CIS Collaboration

CIS and International ACAC are partnering to offer global diversity training tailored to our members, and in July 2019 launched the first member training opportunity of our Association's three-year initiative with a morning workshop in advance of the summer conference.  In October and November 2019, on-line diversity training was offered to members through a series of webinars to promote intercultural competency and build skills and awareness.

Diversity training for International ACAC members has paused in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis, and will resume through both on-line webinars and in-person training (July 2021).

Note: Committee members of International ACAC are required to engage in our Association's diversity training during the first two years of their term by attending the workshop offered in conjunction with the summer conference or participating in an on-line event. There is no cost for this training, and members will find it also applies to the workplaces and personal situations of International ACAC members.

July 2019 Workshop Recommended Readings

1) Here Is Why Organisations Need to be Conscious of Unconscious Bias

2) Yes, You Have Implicit Biases, Too

3) Why You Need Cultural Intelligence (And How To Develop It)

4) Eight-scale Tool for Mapping Cultural Differences

5) More suggested readings from the Diversity Training can be found here

Ongoing Initiatives

The Committee on Issues of Diversity will be supporting the development of the next phase of the Diversity Initiative through webinars, blog posts, the Facebook group, and at our annual conference.

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The email address [email protected] is for members to share ideas, suggestions, solutions, questions, and concerns. We encourage and welcome member feedback to strengthen our initiatives and our organization.

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