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The 2021 Annual Awards Nomination period is now closed.
Awards will be presented during the 2021 Annual Conference.

October 27 Membership Meeting

View the meeting recording here.
(1 hour, 15 minutes)

View the meeting minutes here.

Questions from members
raised during the meeting are answered here.

Read this blog from the Committee on Issues of Diversity regarding questions on their name change.

Vice President Reports  - October 2020

Vice President for Admissions/Enrollment Practices (pending)

Vice President for Advocacy & Outreach

Vice President for Communications Report

Vice President for Inclusion, Access & Success Report

Vice President for Membership Report

Vice President for Professional Development Report 

International ACAC Annual Awards

Congratulations to the 2020 Annual Award Winners!


                      Aileen Lee                   Kristoffer Toribio                 Ellyn Taylor Levin      Marjorie Smith
                      Rising Star               Distinguished Service             Peter Hauet Lifetime Achievement

International ACAC annually recognizes individuals who have made major contributions to the college counseling and admission profession.
These awards are given out during the annual International ACAC Conference in July. 

The Peter Hauet Lifetime Achievement Award

International ACAC established the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002 to recognize an individual who has contributed to the profession in a significant and lasting manner. This award, which represents International ACAC's highest member tribute, is presented to an individual who, over a period of years, has performed outstanding service to International ACAC, to our profession, and to the international college counseling community. In 2015, the award was renamed in honor of Peter Hauet, upon his receiving the award during the 2015 International ACAC Conference. Peter was a founding member of our Association and served on the Executive Board for twenty-years. Sitting members of the International ACAC Executive Board are ineligible for this award.

Award Winners:           

  • Ellyn Taylor Levin, 2020
  • Marjorie Smith, 2020
  • Bridget Herrera, 2019
  • Ray Marx, 2018
  • Marie Vivas, 2017
  • Dale Ford, 2016
  • Peter Hauet, 2015
  • Doug Thompson, 2014
  • Frieda Dietrich, 2013
  • Janet Hurd, 2012
  • Barbara Marlow, 2011
  • Richard Dawson, 2010
  • Joyce Smith, 2009
  • Shep Shanley, 2008
  • Nicholas Senecal, 2007
  • Vivian Cipolla, 2006
  • Jane Lowery, 2005
  • Peggy Templeton Strong, 2004
  • Beth Linguri, 2003 

Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes a person who has provided International ACAC with unique and outstanding service to our association. As a member-run organization, International ACAC relies on the time, talent, and dedication of its membership to realize its professional mission. Recipients of this award have contributed in invaluable and incalculable ways to the success, growth, and improvement of International ACAC.

Award Winners:

  • Kristoffer Toribio, 2020
  • Dane Rowley, 2019
  • Laura Kaub, 2018
  • Joan Liu, 2017
  • John "Jack" Shull, 2016
  • Rosa Moreno, 2015
  • David Zutautas, 2014
  • Clay Hensley, 2013
  • Jimm Crowder, 2012
  • Cathy Curtis, 2011
  • Panetha Nychis Ott, 2010
  • Joe Walsh, 2009
  • Bridget Herrera, 2008
  • Dale Ford, 2007
  • Marie Vivas, 2006
  • Hamilton Gregg, 2005
  • Doug Thompson, 2004

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes a new member who is striving a make a difference within International ACAC. NACAC's Rising Star Award honors individuals and programs that exemplify excellence and dedication to serving the needs of students in the transition from high school to college. The International ACAC Rising Star Award was established in 2015 to honor those deserving of international recognition. They must be new members who are striving to make a difference within our Association through their work in committees and/or in their communities. Individuals receiving a Rising Star Award nomination must be professional members of International ACAC for no more than five years.

Award Winners:

  • Aileen Lee, 2020
  • Samuel Jeong 2019
  • Christine Grover, 2018
  • Jenny Tassell, 2018
  • Ed Tourle, 2017 
  • Rhonda Leshman, 2016
  • Jennifer Lee, 2015 

Read about the 2019 Association Annual Award Winners: In Their Words

Why Nominate?

Recognizing a Colleague – A Way of Showing Gratitude

Although not the longest reigning member of International ACAC, I have attended the summer conference for 20 consecutive years, and in, say, the past five I have found that the opportunity to nominate a colleague for an International ACAC award is a way of showing gratitude for not only what they’ve given to our community, but to me as well.  The level of service and camaraderie that I’ve observed is heart-warming, but our end-game is the same:  to help students access and successfully transition to colleges and universities around the world. Recognizing our colleagues through the International ACAC awards program is a way of saying thank you at many different levels—both personally and professionally. 
-Bridget Herrera, American International School Dhaka

General Membership Meetings

Annual membership meetings are held in conjunction with the summer and NACAC conferences.  Minutes for the most recent meeting are not approved by the membership until the following meeting. Minutes from past general membership meetings are available for review here.

Executive Board Meetings

The International ACAC Executive Board meets in conjunction with the summer conference and the NACAC conference. Between meetings, other business is conducted through virtual meetings and email communication.

Governing Documents

Two documents govern the running of the association. International ACAC has a set of Bylaws which provide the framework of our association. Changes to the bylaws require approval of the membership. The Executive Board also employs Policies and Procedures which provides guidance for the day to day running of our association. This manual, unlike the bylaws, can be changed by a vote of the International ACAC Executive Board.