The mission of the International ACAC Scholar Fund is to support under-resourced, high-impact advising professionals facilitating students' access and transition to higher education.



The 2016 Scholars at this year's International ACAC Conference.International ACAC promotes access to higher education opportunities for the neediest students around the world ­ by supporting those who work directly with them. Over the past two years, we have received 113 applications and have selected a total of 19 Scholars. Last year, scholarship recipients were funded to attend the International ACAC Financial Aid Institute, the International ACAC Conference, as well as a bus tour to different university campuses. We just launched the Scholar Mentor Program this past year, which partners each Scholar with an International ACAC member to provide year-­long support and professional mentorship. The hope is that the Scholar Mentor Program will allow these talented counselors to put into practice new knowledge, skills, and best practices for their students, communities, and regions.

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Your donation helps make a difference in the lives of deserving students around the world, one counselor at a time. Last year, your donations helped students in Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda, Colombia, Honduras, Nepal, and Indonesia. Without International ACAC scholarship support, students from Uganda and Rwanda would not have been represented at last year's conference through their counselor's presence.


International ACAC members are encouraged to consider donating to the Scholar Program and do so throughout the year. In addition to direct contributions to the Program, there are 5K Walk/Run and the Scholars Raffle are two activities during the annual conference whereby members can contribute to the Fund. All funds raised go to the Scholar Fund.

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of individuals, campuses, and organizations, we are able to support a number of counselors from around the world. We would like to thank the following donors for their contributions to the 2016 Scholar Fund.


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