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Equity in Standardized Admissions Testing

*Counselors - Consider including details on how your students are impacted in your letters of recommendation to colleges and universities.

As many of you are aware, NACAC and International ACAC recently released a statement (see below) urging standardized testing flexibility for Class of 2018 applicants due to test cancellations outside the United States. These issues have the potential to significantly disrupt equity and access to students from abroad pursuing education in the U.S.

In order to help colleges and universities to which students are applying understand the depth of this problem, we are encouraging school counselors to include language in their letters of recommendation that highlights how your applicant may have been affected by these standardized testing issues. This could come in the form of a paragraph inserted into an applicant’s letter of recommendation, or as a separate boilerplate document that you use for all your applicants applying to schools that require standardized testing. For sample language to adopt, you may want to refer to the NACAC and International ACAC Statement. 

Additionally, we encourage our members to share their students’ and their own experiences regarding testing cancellations via the feedback form found below. Your confidential feedback is vital to help shape future conversations among the newly formed Ad-How Committee on Standardized Testing.

*If you are willing to share your students’ and/or your own experiences with the recent cancellation of international test dates, please complete this feedback form. Your responses will be shared confidentially with the Ad-Hoc Committee on Standardized Testing.
2017 Feedback Form - International ACAC Members' Experiences with Standardized Test Cancellations

International ACAC Calls for Equity in Standardized Admissions Testing for Students Worldwide

ARLINGTON, VA - October 3, 2017 - The majority of universities in the US, in addition to many universities around the globe, require standardized testing as a significant qualification to apply for admission. Because this testing is required for university admission, International ACAC believes the testing agencies and universities must make sure all students have equal access to these test dates.
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NACAC and International ACAC Urge Testing Flexibility for International Applicants for Class of 2018

Alert for Colleges & Universities
Myanmar Students Fee Payments to Common Application

November 2, 2017 - International ACAC is aware of the current issues that students from Myanmar are having paying their application fees through Common App and Flywire. The Government Relations Committee is addressing this issue with Common Application and receiving advice from EducationUSA. 
Possible applicant solutions include:

  1. Use a VPN set to a country outside of Myanmar
  2. Select the Application Fee Waiver Option in Common Application. If the student is able and willing to pay the application fee then a counselor or the student can email the college directly informing them that the student will mail a bank draft after using the Application Fee Waiver as a quick fix to enable the submission. 
We recommend that university members allow for increased flexibility with deadlines for students applying from Myanmar.  This may include issuing fee waivers, or allowing alternate payment methods for these students.  

U.S. Immigration Ban

Listen Now to the Special Webinar held on Tuesday, April 25 (hosted by AACRAO) on International Recruitment and Marketing: Managing the Message in Challenging Times.

Recent executive orders and the new political climate in the US are creating a great deal of concern amongst students and families all over the globe. 77% of US institutions reported concerns about Fall 2017 enrollment. This webinar will share data on regional patterns of areas of concern as well as leading practices for international education professionals to address concerns and maximize yield.  This 'special edition' webinar was based on the recently released report:  Trending Topics Survey: International Applicants for Fall 2017 - Institutional & Applicant Perceptionsan inter-associational collaboration between AACRAO, NACAC, NAFSA, IIE and International ACAC.

Official Statements

Click here to read NACAC's statement in response to U.S. President Trump's Executive Order of March 6, 2017.
Click here to read International ACAC's statement in response to U.S. President Trump's Executive Order of January 27, 2017

Webinar: Member Forum 

This webinar was an informal, online conversation about the implications of the recent Executive Order regarding travel and immigration to the United States. While any interested member was welcome to participate, we particularly encouraged those who were currently affected (counselors whose students who are named in the ban, and college representatives who enroll significant groups from those countries) to join us. 

Webinar Recording


Webinar Summary
Compiled by Alys Langdale, Marlborough College and Wilson Lee,Yongsan International School of Seoul

Webinar Slides

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Testing Advocacy

2017 International ACAC Statement Calling for Equity in Standardized Admissions Testing for Students Worldwide
NACAC and International ACAC Urge Testing Flexibility for International Applicants for Class of 2018
2017 NACAC Statement Revisiting Recommendations to Testing Organizations
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